Dr. Parikh is a board certified pediatric physician. She has been in practice for 8 years and treats all aspects of foot and ankle pain. Dr. Parikh does try to resolve pain using physical therapy, orthotics devices, and other non-surgical treatment options. She also performs surgery, but does this if conservative treatment fails. Dr. Parikh is a friendly, compassionate physician who takes the time to answer any questions a patient may have. She is also fluent in Spanish. With the help of specialists from healthcaremediations.com, our Center is ready to work out a cost-effective treatment solution for a large number of conditions related to foot health.

Family Foot
Ankle Center
Dr. Shermi Parikh

We offer many treatment options to treat foot/ankle pain including physical therapy, orthotics, and injections. We treat all aspects of foot/ankle pain including:

– Arch/heel pain – Diabetic Foot Care
– Bunions – Work Related Injuries
– Ingrown nails – Warts
– Fungal nails – Flat Feet
– Sprained or twisted ankles – Heel Pain
– Skin disorders – Corns and Calluses
– Joint pain – Hammer Toes
– Sports Medicine – Toenail Problems